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Social Media Campaign

For BoJack Horseman Season 5, we took the conversation around Netflix’s greatest star Netflix to new heights. He was in a new set of Hollywoo shenanigans and we needed to extend the story onto social. Rule #1 of being BoJack: never give fans what they want until they annoy you to death. So he didn't respond to endless pleads for Season 5's date, instead posting original illustrations of him living his #Hollywoolife, participating in trending conversations, and messaging celebrities to come smoke weed. The response was always: WHEN IS SEASON 5? So in the most BoJack move, we quote-retweeted a random fan and sarcastically said she was the millionth person to ask, winning the prize of the date. Netflix jumped in for real-time engagement with BoJack arguing about the announce, even bringing in Jack Dorsey and Reed Hastings through fake texts. Fans went wild, with the tweet accumulating 6.5M impressions, 250K engagements, and soaring to the top of Reddit, racking up +18K upvotes. Press raved about the style and boldness of the reveal. Next, the Horseman went all-out promoting his show Philbert with a press push of original illustrations showing him doing typical Hollywoo-celeb-hocking-a-new-show-things. Despite his schedule, BoJack's engagement with fans never wavered; he hosted a 20+ hour live tweet rewatch of every past episode resulting in +590K engagements and 19M impressions. We had one more surprise for fans. In August of 2018, Netflix released show-themed icons for your login screen BUT they forgot BoJack. Fans brought up BoJack's absence constantly and after multiple arguments with Netflix on Twitter, they caved to the celeb's demand and released a BoJack icon as a make-up present. The catch - they used the infamous in-show joke of BoJack sneezing. Results: 5.6M engagements 208M impressions 353,001 New Fans

Muse Digital Awards BoJack Horseman Social Campaign Muse Digital Awards BoJack Horseman Social Campaign Muse Digital Awards BoJack Horseman Social Campaign Muse Digital Awards BoJack Horseman Social Campaign Muse Digital Awards BoJack Horseman Social Campaign


Creative Marketing | Netflix
Tyler Lynch
Chief Creative Officer |
Matt Sample
Head of Strategy |
Allan Gungormez
Head of Process |
Hilary Joyner
Sr. Director Creative Content |
Jamie Ksieski
Social Lead |
Jill Whalen
Process Manager |
Lindsay Galbraith
Sr. Interactive Designer |
Joel Caswell
Zelda Devon
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