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ROE Steam Launch

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Vicarious PR


Strategic Program

Client Name

Aurora Studios


PR Campaign

The main objective of the campaign was to create a successful video game product launch within a saturated market on Steam. In order to meet the objectives of the campaign on such limited budget we crafted a strategy that focused on building up targeted placements over time as slowly building exposure in order to carefully craft a brand that built up over time to gain traction.

We carefully researched all our media and influencer targets and analyzed the coverage of competitors in order to develop key messaging that would stand out from other games in the market. We also knew that games like Fortnite had a massive hold over the media and so in order to compete we needed to focus on key product points that were not available in other games.

- Target key audiences who play battle royale games and free to play games as the core audience
- Distinguish product from competition with key differentiators to stand out in the marketplace
- Launch product with large media presence
- Obtain over 20,000 active players in the launch period
- Develop a product brand and increase awareness
- Obtain an influencer YouTube view count of over 2 million views on launch
- Obtain top gaming media placements
- Achieve over 500 media placements
- Develop and establish a studio brand
- Increase market share on Steam versus platform competition such as PUBG and other games in genre.

Muse Digital Awards ROE Steam Launch Muse Digital Awards ROE Steam Launch Muse Digital Awards ROE Steam Launch


Account Director
Michael Brown
PR Coordinator
Liana Murphy
Influencer Manager
Jolene Hitt
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