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True North Inc.



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Conquer Cancer Foundation



The awareness of Conquer Cancer as an influential nonprofit in the fight for cures for cancers was low. In a crowded field of big-name cancer organizations, the strength of Conquer Cancer’s?work as the foundation for the American Society of Clinical Oncologists was widely unknown.

True North was tasked with creating a brand campaign that would put Conquer Cancer on the map and invigorate donor support for the organization. True North recognized the power of two?influential channels: television and social media. 90% of TV viewers watch with a second-screen device in hand or nearby. By focusing on these upper-funnel tactics, True North would be able to?extend the reach of the organization outside of their inner circle and across a national stage.

CREATIVE APPROACH??True North recognized that the power and relevance of Conquer Cancer’s mission would be best captured by the stories of bold researchers and the patients whose lives were saved due to new?breakthroughs they helped fund. One such story was emblematic of the relationship between researcher and patient, and the role Conquer Cancer and its donors play in making new strides in?cancer research possible. Dr. Breelyn Wilky is a medical oncologist who had a bold idea years ago that she felt could help find a cure for patients with rare sarcomas (cancers of the soft tissue).?Simultaneously, Brittany Sullivan was pregnant, only to discover a tumor in her heart and a diagnosis with no treatment options. Conquer Cancer funded Dr. Wilky’s research, and when Brittany’s?cancer spread, Dr. Wilky’s clinical trial was just gearing up. Our team saw these parallel stories as the perfect muse for the brand campaign

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Executive Creative Director, True North Inc.
Daniel Brown
Creative Director, True North Inc.
Victoria Wetterer
Copywriter, True North Inc.
Amy Jacobs
Editor, True North Inc.
Daniel Brown
Rohit Batra
Matthew Binkowski
Director of Photography
John Engstrom
Project Manager, True North Inc.
Nesara Kishor
Exec. Director of Client Services, True North Inc.
John Como
Senior Account Executive, True North Inc.
Andrea Thorn
Interviewer/Talent Coordinator
Patra Wroten
Mako Ijima
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