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The 2018 Muse Certificate is designed with high degrees of sophistication to honour winners from all winning levels.

Each beautiful sheet is created using the finest 180 gram Magic Touch Black Card for an added sense of weight and elegance. Featuring an intricate pattern that serves as the border frame and text area, the decorative elements are applied using hot stamp for a lasting finishing touch.

All winners' details and information will be customised, then printed on the surface of the hot stamping area with a laser jet printer.

Due to the paper's uneven texture and the hot stamping’s smooth surface, all information printed on the certificate may appear slightly fainter compared to other areas as the surface hinders ink absorption.

2019 Muse Awards Statuettes

Standing approximately 14 inches tall and weighing almost 5 pounds, the newly unveiled 2019 Limited Edition Muse Statuette is exclusively and individually crafted to perfection, honoring all winners who missed the chance to collect the previous edition.

The evolved Muse statuette is crowned to signify great achievement, glory and victory - a truly special piece available exclusively for 2019 Muse Awards winners.

Each statuette is only $255*, personalized with a gleaming engraved Platinum, Gold, Silver or Rose Gold nameplate on its base, making a stunning impression and a lasting reminder of your achievement.

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