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The Play Revolution

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Julius Cruickshank


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Play is one of the most effective tools for keeping human relationships fresh and exciting. The Play Revolution is an energetic team that are trained to go into any workplace that is suffering from disconnection and staff friction and help them out of it through activities, creativity and play. The brief requested creativity, connection and an approach that was child-like but not childish. The Meccano pieces represent the relationships within a workplace. While being a toy, they encourage creativity in their potential. By pairing stylised Meccano pieces "drawn on a strict grid" with a bold colour scheme we achieved a combination of balance and creativity while still having the option for a bright symbol that would be taken seriously by a crew of 50 lawyers who were being asked to play an egg and spoon race.

Vega Awards The Play Revolution Vega Awards The Play Revolution Vega Awards The Play Revolution
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