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Amor e Cego

Entrant Company

Rita Rivotti, Wine branding & Design



Client Name

João Miguel Rosado


Packaging Single

Love knows no reason A small olive grove near evora has been passed down from generation to generation, like a family heirloom, despite the great difficulty to maintain it. The desire to continue to preserve it for the future led the current generation to consider packaging and selling the olive oil it produces. Because it is a small production, with the inherent limitations for competitiveness, we advised our clients to maximise on the tourism that visits the city each year and focus only on selling locally in tourist spots, with packaging that targets this public. The sentiment behind this project and the target in question merged in our minds immediately to a unique example of the region\'s folk art; the statue "Amor e Cego" (Love is blind). This doll is part of a set of decorative figurines (Figurado de Estremoz) made from clay for centuries by artisans in the Alentejo to portray feelings, local trades and sacred figures. The "Amor e Cego" figure, blindfolded and adorned in festive attire, symbolises the irrationality of love. That is the common sentiment in the project, the same irrationality that led the family to maintain the olive grove until today. For love! Thus, aside from being a package for an extra virgin olive oil produced by a dedicated family, using traditional cultivation methods, it is also a decorative piece, a memento of the region and a true icon of popular culture that will be a must-have for any tourist visiting the city. The transport packaging is a simple, ecological and affordable solution that also serves to showcase this charming little bottle. This project was a bestseller and sold out in the first months, leading the family to expand its production to other olive groves.

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João R. Saúde
Naming, Concept, Strategic Process
Rita Rivotti
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