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The Way of the World

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Christine Krus Design



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Seton Hall University


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Though other characters had a more prominent role in the play, The Way of the World, I focused my efforts on Lady Wishfort. A fascinating older woman who dealt with issues of ageism, sexism and classism. Lady Wishfort represent the double standard in culture: as men age, they become more handsome, dignified; as women age, they become old. Enamored by a much younger man, she disguises her age by having a team apply heavy, white make-up daily. The image, digitally hand painted in Photoshop, is a new technique for me that I attempted upon teaching my first section of Intro to Photoshop. This fine art style as it most is a true representation of the process in which make-up is applied. Unfortunately for Lady Wishfort, society's pressure drives her to desperation and she manipulates situations in the name of love. Her devious plans are represented by her sinister smirk. The grin causes her make-up to crack in the pattern of wrinkles, revealing not only her age but her desperation. As with A Christmas Carol, the placement of Lady Wishfort's eyes is extremely pivotal in the success of the design. Her side glance makes viewers ask if she looking at someone or away from them? Is she looking back to her youth or is her eye placement avoiding her deceptive present and cracked facade?


Christine Krus
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