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Super Bock House of Beer

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Super Bock House of Beer (Unicer)


Interactive Brand Experience

Brimming with tradition and authenticity, Super Bock House of Beer is a new visitors centre and a tourist attraction in the city of Porto, located in Unicer's Production Plant, the largest Portuguese company producing beverages, which belongs to the Carlsberg company. This space is an authentic and fully operational 'living house', where you can watch the entire beer brewing process, learn about the raw materials used to make beer, as well as the important moments, stories and curiosities of the Super Bock brand. All contents and spaces of this dynamic and interactive place have solutions, materials, formats and hues of colour allusive to the world of beer and the territory of Super Bock. Aimed at drawing the consumers closer to the brand, the involvement with visitors is a constant feature, offering a unique and unforgettable experience, through visits to various rooms with films and the on-going interactivity with static and dynamic contents addressing the history of the company, people and the brand, passing on to the current production line of this emblematic beer.

Vega Awards Super Bock House of Beer Vega Awards Super Bock House of Beer Vega Awards Super Bock House of Beer


Creative Director
Diogo Gama Rocha
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