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runJDrun Intro Sequence

Entrant Company

Jeremy Mansford



Client Name

J.D. Witherspoon



I had the pleasure of directing this piece for talented Youtuber/Actor/Comedian/Filmmaker/Impressionist J.D. Witherspoon and his dope gaming channel runJDrun. Retro games, pixel art and anime were big inspirations. The most important goals for any youtube intro are too be exciting and hype-inducing, yet short in duration and stand up to repeated viewings. We packed it with J.D.'s favourite gaming references and detail to create an intro worthy of multiple viewings. To keep a high energy pace, shots had to be designed to provide optimal storytelling efficiency. A spanking new logo, channel branding and an outro device were also created as part of this new pixel art family. The intro was met with explosive response from viewers. Youtube commenters regularly say "You have the best intro on youtube J.D." which is the ultimate result.

Vega Awards runJDrun Intro Sequence Vega Awards runJDrun Intro Sequence Vega Awards runJDrun Intro Sequence
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