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Fashionette Corporate Design

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arndtteunissen GmbH



Client Name

Fashionette GmbH


Company Branding

fashionette is distinguished by its diverse range of high-quality handbags as well as a comprehensive consulting service. A new corporate design appropriately reflects the fundamental values of the online shop and skillfully sets it apart from its competitors. With a relaunch of the corporate image, fashionette wants to do justice to its aspiring success and successfully differentiate itself from its competitors. Thanks to the targeted positioning of the brand, the online shop is regarded as the "Number One" for designer handbags: high-quality, stylish and extremely reliable. The demand on the new corporate design is to reflect the quality of the products and thus also the expertise of fashionette. For the predominantly female target group, the focus is on a friendly approach and a feminine look that conveys stylistic confidence and self-esteem. The implementation on business media, packaging, online shop, etc. ultimately makes shopping at fashionette a unique experience.

Vega Awards Fashionette Corporate Design Vega Awards Fashionette Corporate Design Vega Awards Fashionette Corporate Design


Creative Director
Benjamin Arndt
Art Director
Justine Siupka-Organek
Art Director
Evelyn Brugger-Erol
Christina Tautz
Web Designer
Marcel Schindler
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