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California Closets



As a business centered around entering and organizing people's homes, our client California Closets had a uniquely intimate relationship with its customers but one they wanted to deepen. We decided to do so by creating an annual print publication with rich, resonant, and inspirational content that would evoke a connection with readers beyond their space or organizational needs - a connection built on authenticity. The resulting Ideas of Order is a rich, tangible content experience that acts as the heartbeat of the California Closets brand. The name itself, Ideas of Order, is inspired by a Wallace Stevens book of poetry, positioning the brand in its purest and most courageous form: a smart, celebratory embodiment of designing a better life - one rooted in calm, confidence, and joy that vibrantly showcases how personal surroundings become a place from which good emanates into the world. Never feeling like a sales pitch, the magazine masterfully marries beauty, accessibility, and inherent value. It connects with the reader while establishing the brand as a thought leader. It encourages desire without pitching products and inspires without insisting. Throughout, the magazine's goals (bringing order to chaos) and the product (designing better lives) are mutually supportive, creating harmony via "everything in its place" and a guiding reassurance of calm amid chaos, humanity amid noise, and life lived fully. Moreso, only four weeks after publication, a short term ROI of $42: for every $1 in total cost, the magazine generated $42 in revenue (measured against orders as a direct result of the magazine). Increased demand urged two additional print runs of 25,000 each and the launch of a corresponding microsite. Additionally, acclaimed trade response from highly-regarded design publisher Editor at Large, who titled the story "California Closets Debuts a Magazine, and It's Beautiful."

Muse Digital Awards Ideas of Order Magazine Muse Digital Awards Ideas of Order Magazine Muse Digital Awards Ideas of Order Magazine


Shawn Gauthier
Editor in Chief
Carrie Tuhy
Project Oversight
Jenna Briand
Creative Director
Satoko Furuta
Susan Gates
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