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BACKGROUND/OVERVIEW/ OBJECTIVE: Our client WANZL, is a German company specializing in quality shop fittings, trolleys for commercial use and crowd control elements for airports, etc. Wanzl prides itself for German perfection and high quality products. They are however facing an onslaught on their traditional markets by cheaper Chinese made products. Wanzl therefore wanted to initiate a campaign that would reach out to the decision-makers and educate them or remind them about the USPs of the brand and the product and how using Wanzl products can help increase their business potential. The focus product here was the shopping trolley. STRATEGY Wanzl had a lot of miniature trolleys and the agency came upon the idea of using these trolleys for the communication exercise as they made good table top displays with a long shelf life. The product in focus was the trolley and Wanzl wanted to drive home the reliability, durability and ease of handling of their trolleys thanks to their quality castors that came with a 3 year warranty. This was a key feature for any decision-makers who would be able to reduce expenses on repairs or writing off the trolleys. The agency suggested a direct marketing exercise where the trolley would be used to communicate all the selling points. The concept was that the trolley is the first point of contact for a customer experience when he enters a supermarket. The smooth-rolling castors provide comfortable and easy maneuverability to the shopper resulting in a satifying experience and a loyal customer. The miniature trolley was deliver in a box designed like a freight box with the messaging – ‘Great customer experience delivered.’ Also, there was a 'fragile stamp,' but it said ‘NOT Fragile’ stressing on its durability, reliability and superior German quality. When opened, the miniature trolley rolled out smoothly. It had a cut out of a lady using a phone and gave the impression that she was pushing the trolley. There was a voice blurb on how the trolley permitted multi-tasking thanks to its smooth castors. It had a kid sitting in the seat imagining the trolley to be his aircraft and enjoying the smooth ride while the mother shopped peacefully. The goods in the trolley demonstrated capacity. In addition, there was content about how a trolley plays an important role for customer’s satisfaction and why a Wanzl trolley made perfect business sense. In addition it mentioned the key players in the market who were using the trolleys thus establishing Wanzl as a reliable, trusted and a known name. This direct marketing tool told the entire story about the trolley being good for business due to the enhanced customer experience it provides also its low maintenance making it a worthy investment. RESULT: The trolleys delivered to decision-makers certainly caught their interest and served to drive home the desired objectives in the most cost-effective manner. This translated to business opportunities as well.

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