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Online AD Campaign

The goal of the Orabrush campaign is to reach affluent millennials who want to avoid social embarrassment by educating them on the source of bad breath. The centerpiece of the campaign is the “Breathtaking” video. The video makes an emotional connection by visualizing the “impact” of bad breath in a fun and compelling manner. The video and accompanying banner advertising launched in August 2017 on Facebook and YouTube. The Breathtaking campaign uses humor in a different way than previous campaigns. The Breathtaking campaign is driven by an unexpected representation of bad breath that doesn’t show gunk, slime, or tongues at all. For the first time, Orabrush’s ad campaign centered around bad breath’s “effect” from the point of view of the putrid perpetrator. We see attractive lovers, who have their romantic moments spoiled by the viewer’s dirty tongue. The campaign never has to represent the smelly suitor, it just puts the viewer in their shoes.

Vega Awards Breathtaking! Vega Awards Breathtaking! Vega Awards Breathtaking!


Executive Creative Director
Daniel Brown
Account Executive
Vicky Wetterer
Account Executive
Maryah Arangio
Account Executive
Mia Wiskow
Project Manager
Nesara Kishor
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