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60 BPM - The Sound Of Swatch

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Chiara Luzzana



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Swatch LTD



Artist/Agency: Chiara Luzzana Title: "60 BPM - The Sound Of Swatch" (Audio + Video Documentary) Client: Swatch Ltd Chiara Luzzana is a Sound Designer, a Soundtrack's Composer and a Sound Artist. She's created the first soundtrack of a watch. Made with the pure sound of watches. She loves to inventend new ways to create music, starting from the pure sounds. 2440 recorded sounds to create 7 minutes of music. Her motto for this project: "Watches become music, not just time". “60 Bpm – The sound of Swatch” is the title of the soundtrack that Chiara composed, that has become the official soundtrack of Swatch at SWATCH FACES 2015 presented at the 56th Venice Biennale (Italy). Chiara’s research for this project began in the Swiss factories of Swatch, where she took all the little objects that made up the watch, from raw materials to the final products, and turned them into musical instruments. The hands of the watch have become electric guitars. The worker’s gloves have become a harp. Rhythmic and melodic parts were created from her recordings of factory machines. In addition to this soundtrack, Chiara has filmed a Video Documentary to describe every steps behind the composition phases. The movie was also presented at the 56th Venice Biennale. ------- CHIARA LUZZANA BIO: Chiara Luzzana lives between Milan and the rest of the world. Chiara designs for the hearing by creating sound journeys from the ears to the soul. She learned to listen to the sounds and the music even before she started to speak. This soon became her language. As a kid she studied guitar, clarinet and piano. She than improvise these instruments by mixing new sounds captured from everyday life. Become an audio engineer in 2005. Testimonial for the Japanese brand Audio-Technica, and Ambassador for the plug-in’s leader company of Tel Aviv, Waves. As a rule of creation, she records and alter pure sounds from the environment she is in, giving them new lives, rhythm and melody. An eclectic Artist, Chiara transforms noises and objects into harmony, without any traditional instruments. She is an inventor of unusual musical instruments and sound sculptures that allow her to create her original compositions. She creates music in a particular way, giving voice to what is born without voice. Chiara is composer of soundtracks and audio installations for the Venice Biennale. Finalist of the international prize "Music + Sound Award" in 2016. She won the Best Soundtrack for the "Soundtrart" prize, an international award organized by the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation. She has created the soundtrack for the International Art Festival of Sapporo (Japan). She teaches Sound Design and Music for Audiovisual in some of the most important Italian and Chinese Art Academies. She works with brand such as: Swatch, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Alessi, Valentino Haute Couture, Diesel and Dsl55, Dainese, Fratelli Rossetti, Moët & Chandon, Mediaset, Discovery Channel, Sky. In 2016, she's been invited for a TEDx speech to talk about her Audio project. Her workshops are in Milan and Shanghai.

Vega Awards 60 BPM - The Sound Of Swatch Vega Awards 60 BPM - The Sound Of Swatch Vega Awards 60 BPM - The Sound Of Swatch
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